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We offer residency programs to artists of all disciplines as well as a space to develop and exhibit projects of any nature.
Established in 2017 in Athens, Greece as the gallery arm of the community-run sociocultural center communitism, MEME operates as a platform to support artists in their creative pursuits.
We organize and host events - art shows, concerts, experiments, happenings, screenings, traditional exhibitions, workshops - throughout the year in collaboration with our resident artists.
The project space is located at Keramikou 28, Metaxourgio, former home of the Kunsthalle Athena.


MEME offers various residency programs throughout the year.
Our residents are provided (private) accommodations in Athens as well as the basic infrastructure and space to develop their projects and exhibit their work.
There is no formal criteria to apply for a residency at MEME: as an open project space, we welcome proposals of any nature.
If you are interested in learning more about our residency options, please contact kironguidi@gmail.com.


keramikou 28,